To Do 2017


I hate saying I’m making a “News Year Resolution” to do something. Why? Because I always break it. It’s like the automatic jinx, if I just say the words, I break it. Over the past few years I decided I would start the year with a few things I thought I would try to make a habit of and most of them stuck. It felt less like a commitment since I obviously have commitment issues. 😉

 For 2017 I have some new goals and  little ways to improve my year.


Enjoy life. Stop looking at all the ways which my life could be different and enjoy where I am in life now. Stop comparing my life to others. Enjoy the life I have and improve on what I can.

FOCUS ON THOSE WHO CARE  cut out those who don’t

This has been on my “list”every year. I want to surround myself with positive, caring people who have equal interest and investment in my life, as I do in theirs. Not only just cutting out those who bring me down, but uplift those in my life who care and are involved my life.


This is probably the hardest for one me, yet something I desperately need to stop. I overthink. Everything .A lot of times I overthink something so much I end up either ruining it, forgetting about it or stressing about it. I was reading a random article about tips to help you wake up even earlier and something that stuck with me was “Don’t think about it and just do it. Get up go put clothes on and not think.” I actually noticed in using this for other things that it really works! Just stop trying to be a perfectionist and do it. No one cares that much anyway and if you are thinking about other peoples projection of whatever it is, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.


Do more within your week. Stay busy. Make plans. Do your nails. Schedule family time. Plan ahead!


I am defiantly a realist with a dash of pessimism. It’s so much easy to look at things negativity and I want to be more positive and stop putting myself into a positive mindset by being negative.


I have to admit. This is something that falls into another category I wrote about above. I over think this blog. I think about who wants to read that and if I should even bother but then I hate seeing that I haven’t written anything in months. This is something I enjoy whether or not others read it, years from now I will love come and read about my life and things that were on my mind and on bad days when I’m “overthinking”, read this very post.


When I was younger it was all I did.Everywhere, anytime I had a book in my hand. Now that I have 2 kids and a every excuse not to make time, I can barely read one book a month. Reading not only is enjoyable but will encourage my children to do the same. So much of a good education relies on reading.


Don’t obsess over weigh. Even though sometimes it does, it shouldn’t define my happiness. Eat less, drink more water and move more. Healthy habits!


Self care can be lost in a “mom bun and “leggings everyday after becoming a SAHM. Not that we don’t all have those days or that there is something wrong with it. But it’s amazing how much better you feel after taking the time to put some eye liner on straight. 😀 Take time to spend a few minutes doing something for me. The fact that Bristol dresses better than I do, is a shame to the old me. 😀 But that doesn’t mean I cannot make the time to do a workout in the morning, or get my nails or do a new hair style, or maybe even go to the store for some kid free me time and go on a mini make up spree.


Of course we all want to stop spending money on things we don’t need but I’m talking about instead of spend money on things spend it on experiences. Some of my favorite memories are of day trips or little things we did as a family that cost a bit of money but not only were enjoyable but memorable. Years from now that $40 dress will be gone, ( or more likely not fit) but that $40 trip to the Zoo you will remember. Collect memories, not things.



  • Start meal planning. Take the time to write out what meals we are having in a week and make ingredient list before I get to the store
  • Organize every drawer and cabinet. Donate anything I haven’t used at least 1 time in the past year
  • GET RID OF THAT HORRIBLE JUNK DRAWER (We ALL have one)  I happen to have 2 of these. #selfshame time to gut it and throw all that random stuff I’ll never use away!
  • Drink at least 72 oz water. I have two 24 oz water reusable bottles. I was doing so well at refilling through the day but lately have slacked off. Its only 3 bottles! That’s do-able!
  • Start to learn a new language – I thinking French.
  • Try to do at least 1 random act of kindness a week.  More importantly include the kids in this, go give flowers to the elderly at the Hospice center.Even something as small as a genuine compliment to a friend.
  • Organize all my photos. The ones on my hard drive and computer and about 100 SD cards, plus google photos and hard copies. Get them all in 1 or 2 places.
  • Put phone away an hour before bed. Spend bedtime not only cleaning up but also focusing on family no distractions.
  • Send thank you cards to those in your life. A spontaneous handwritten note can meet so much to someone who may not know that you appreciate them. Life is too short to not let those around you know that you care.

I know this is late (maybe I should add being on time to my list) but,


I hope you enjoyed my blog and maybe liked it enough to add some to your list of 2017 “to-do”.

Thanks for reading!