Top 5 Obsessions


For my joint monthly blog with my lovely friend Krys over at we are doing a top 5 list of things we each are currently obsessed with or cannot live without. Here are my current obsessions and don’t forget to check her list out here.


1. Pop Socket

You may have seen these and wondered what they are. Basically it’s a small “socket” that sticks to the back of any phone, or case, which you can pull/pop out to give you a handle for your phone. They may seem strange or useless but I am constantly dropping my phone so this is a lifesaver (phonesaver 😉 ) for me. I feel like I have something to grip onto rather then trying to wrap my hand around my giant yet thin phone. It also works great for propping your phone up so you can watch something hands free and it can be used to wrap your head phones around so you don’t have them dangling or knotted. It flattens down so it isn’t always sticking out. Also the designs on it are really cute and there are many designs! I really love mine and have had many people ask about it. It’s totally worth the money.

They are about $9 online BUT if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks it is only $2 on WISH.

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