Pallet Wood Bathroom Makeover

I have been dying to do a pallet wood accent wall ever since Brandon started his “pallet” obsession. My small power room just needed a little something to make it less plain so with just a couple pallets and under $20 for supplies we were able to do this pallet wall in just a few evenings of work. Here is the Before and After (please mind the fact that my little power room has zero natural light so there is a yellow hue.)


We used this tutorial as inspiration, but had to change it a little bit.

First off our toilet touches the back wall behind the top of the tank so unlike the post above we couldn’t just slide the wood behind the toilet as there is no room. What we did, which does take a good deal of extra time and measuring, is piece it together so it frames the toilet until we had the room to slide behind. Also we had to cut out a piece in one of the pieces of wood to size, in order for the lid be placed back on the tank. Also our baseboard is a little different so we didn’t remove the baseboard and reattach we just cut the last piece a little smaller than the others. Here are a couple of photos showing the edging around the toilet and baseboard.

Processed with VSCO
Side of toilet where wood ends
Processed with VSCO
When you take the lid off we created this little gap
Processed with VSCO
With the lid on you cannot even tell there is a space.

As far as supplies we used a Nail Gun, Nails ,Wood Glue, Wood Stain and a couple of different kinds of saws but we mainly used his Table Saw. The stain we used was Special Walnut. I tried a couple different walnut stains but they were all too dark.

in addition to the pallet wall, Brandon also made me this little toilet paper floating shelf and roll holder and I adore this cute little shelf. We don’t have any cabinets in this powder room so anytime we run out of toilet paper it’s really inconvenience. We thought about changing out the sink to something with a cabinet on the bottom, but I actually really like this simple sink with how small the overall room is. If you want me to make a tutorial for this floating toilet paper shelf and holder comment below and I can give a break how of how he created it.


When picking a wood stain, always go one shade lighter. You can add a layer of stain to darken but you cannot take away.

We used an old nylon pair of tights we cut into pieces to stain the wood. You have less drips and it doesn’t get absorbed into the nylon so you can press it into the wood and get the most out of it. ( Thanks Mom for that tip!) Plus it keeps it looking light and not really heavy-handed since we didn’t want to over coat it.

Don’t over sand the pieces so that way you get a nice rustic look.

As with any project that you are attaching to the wall, find the studs.

Overall conclusion:

Pallet Wall Powder Room Makeover

These pictures just don’t do this project justice. It really is gorgeous!

We aren’t experts but this project was pretty easy. Just a matter of cutting your pieces to size and making a pattern, attaching and staining. My husband worked his butt of each evening after work so it took us a couple of days, but all together it was about 14 hours of work, but to me the end result was well worth it.


Thanks for reading about this “Pinterest (inspired) Project”. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  ❤


2 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Bathroom Makeover”

  1. This is awesome! Love love love it. Perfect bathroom setup for something like this. All of my walls in my bathroom are too big 😦 but not in the awesome master bathroom kind of way, just the tons of wasted space way!


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