Potty Training 2.0

Potty Training. Oh the joys. With Jonas, my oldest, he had zero understanding, or interest in using the toilet for the longest time. After trying several tries and him not comprehending what to do, I gave up. It was on his 3rd birthday that I just told him we were done with diapers and to now pee in the toilet. (At this point he was well old enough to understand) and after a few mistakes he was good to go.

“I’ve done this once before, I should know how to do this, right?”

I’ve always heard girls are easier to potty train than boys and was excited to potty train Bristol earlier than Jonas. But as with every comparison of my two children, she is completely different story. The child is clever. Too clever. At about 14 months she was taking off her diaper and would tell you she was poopy.  I thought I had lucked out and she was ready. Nope. That toilet (and the other 2 kinds) were completely terrifying and she NEEEEEDDDEEDD diapers. Honestly, the granola mom side of me loved our Cloth Diapers (note the ‘our’ 😉 ) and decided to wait. Still she would let me know and had all the signs of being ready, even going as far as telling me what a “good job” I was doing peeing in the toilet, when I would bring her with me to see how big girls pee in the potty. She would tell me how pee pee goes in the toilet yet every few weeks I would give potty training a try, and every time she would scream and BEG for her diaper. Finally I decided that she KNOWS how to potty in the toilet but she has no desire to do so. Unfortunately she may have inherited some of mine (or more likely 😉 Brandon’s) stubborn genes. Someday she would be potty trained, but not until she decided she wanted to.

Meanwhile, I had the voices of other moms, “You mean she isn’t potty trained? My girl was _ months when she was potty trained.” and “You really should try now or she’ll be 16 and still in Cloth Diapers.” (I DO love my Cloth Diapers 🙂 ) There was one piece of advice that kept coming back to me, something my mother kept saying “When she is ready, she will be ready. Just give her time.”

The Book

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I really should  call this post, how my 2 year old potty trained herself.

At almost 2 1/2, Bristol LOVES books. They have always been her favorite thing. (Other than Daddy) So one day my mother and I were looking through the books at BJs when we came across this book, “Girls’ Potty Time”. The front has a nice little toilet lid and inside are pictures of panties and little girls using the potty. It even came with little stickers in the back (Spoiler Alert: THIS BOOK IS A MIRACLE!) Bristol immediately wanted to read the book and as I let her skim through the pages you could see the wheels turning as she looked. “Potty in toilet?”…” Big Girl Panties”…”Big Girl pee pee in toilet” she kept saying. I motioned to my mother who also could see, Bristol was really into this book. Thinking no harm could be done, it was worth a shot and maybe if I read it to her about 1,000 times she’d finally get it, I got the book. I wish I has taken a picture, the entire way home she intensely studied this book. I got a kick out of it and thought it was adorable. We got home and as I began to unload groceries I noticed that my usual little helper was no where to be found. After searching, I discovered her in the bathroom with her skirt and diaper off and she was trying to get on the toilet. I set her on the toilet (with one of the “terrifying” potty seats on it) and she actually peed. We put big girl panties on and every time she needed to pee, she would tell me and she would actually pee. That was Thursday and by Sunday she had only made 2 mistakes and both of those were at night in a cloth pull up. I really couldn’t believe it. My mother kept joking with me that Bristol is the only child she had ever seen, that decided to potty train herself by reading about it in a book.

I know this whole post sounds melodramatic but if you are looking to potty train and your little one loves books, buy. this. book! 😀 .

Other tips I learned this time around.

Although she is completely potty trained now I may have made a slight mistake by using candy as an incentive. She is clever enough to hold her pee and make one pee last about 3 times to the toilet for triple the candy reward. Clever, Bristol…very clever.

If I only had one tip to give about potty training it would be to just wait. When they are ready, they will be ready. Otherwise you will be potty trained, by constantly bringing them to the potty, and not your little one.

Also carrying a small potty training toilet lid with you, so you can go to the store and she will still pee in the toilet, will surely get you some strange looks. I mean I have disinfectant wipes with me, come on do you all think I’m that gross?! 😉

(Yup, I do still miss those Cloth Diapers. 😉 )



Holiday Season

Christmas.It always take me a while to jump right into the Christmas spirit. It sneaks up on me. One minute I’m back to school shopping and the next there are Christmas decorations everywhere.

These past several years we have taken a day trip right before Christmas and go to the mountains in Boone NC, get some Christmas shopping done and enjoy the beautiful sights. Last year we decided we would add getting our Christmas tree in the mountains as well and we hope to make it a Christmas tradition every year (You can read about it here: New Christmas Traditions) This year we actually added an extra day and spent Thanksgiving in the mountains as well. And to really get into the Christmas spirit we got pictures with Santa and our tree the very next day. We came back home with our tree and  were ready to start our Holiday season. I am pretty sure there are only around 10 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas because I was supposed to post this once we got back and now Christmas is only 2 days away!

So, finally, here are the pictures from our trip.

Thanksgiving Feast at Dan’l Boone Inn


This has been a favorite breakfast stop for us these past few years and their Thanksgiving dinner was so good! All you can eat from Turkey, to Salisbury Steak to Pumpkin Pie. The only con was because it was Thanksgiving day there was a minimum 2 hour wait. But I kept the kids entertained while Brandon held a spot for us so it was still worth the wait.

My 3 favorite people.

Picking our Tree at Corneett-Deal Tree Farm

Unfortunately the place we went last year for our tree was not open this year. But they did recommend Cornett-Deal Tree Farm to us. They take you on a hayride up the mountain and let you wonder through and pick your tree. Once you come down from the mountain, they have your tree shaken and load it for you. They also serve free hot chocolate and Cider and have all kind of wreaths and other Christmas items for sale.

Hayride to the top of the mountain


Looking for the perfect Tree
“This one Mom”


Found the Perfect tree
Family, what matters most.


All ready to go!

Mast General Store

On the way home we always have to stop at one of our favorite stores. The Mast General Store to get some Old Fashion Candy. The kids love filling their buckets with candy.boone123411225boone

Picking out candy
All ready to go

Meeting Santa

This is our 3rd year meeting Santa at the Boone Mall. The people there are great and always take time with Jonas and Bristol. The photographer asked me if we had come before and said she remembered Bristol’s picture from last year. They used it on their advertisement screen and she remembered it was pretty hilarious. Well at least Miss Bristol knows how to make an impact!

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Hope you enjoyed this post and reading about our little family and very full life. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. ❤


be kind.

Just some short morning coffee thoughts.

I don’t know why but this short saying keeps sticking in my mind lately,

Be Kind. 

One thing that began to make me think about kindness was an acquaintance of mine from high school, passed away a few months ago at the young age of 26. I would love to say I knew her well but unfortunately we hadn’t seen each other in years. There was the occasional “Like” on Facebook and the very distant way we keep up with our friends on social media. When someone asked me what kind of person she was, the one thing that I remember saying about her was that she was kind. So very kind. There was just a sweet and loving spirit about her. It sounds so plain and not very descriptive, but there was a way she was was, she was just genuinely kind to those around her.She had a loving, gentle way with people. She was kind. It made me think.  I wonder would I  be considered a kind person? Would my children remember me as a kind mother?

 Kind, the word seems so simple. The act of kindness isn’t so simple. At times it’s so much easier to get upset and lash out or over speak and forget to be kind and show love towards people.


Definition – KIND  
of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person:
a kind and loving person.
mild, benign, benignant, gentle, tender, compassionate. Kind, gracious,kindhearted, kindly imply a sympathetic attitude toward others, and willingness to do good or give pleasure. Kind implies a deep-seated characteristic shown either habitually or on occasion by considerate behavior: a kind father.

I want to strive everyday to be kind. I want to be compassionate. I want to have a willingness to do good. I want a sympathetic attitude towards others. I want my children to see that kindness and in turn be kind to those around them.Something as simple as kindness can have an effect on people, just as it did to me.




Bristol 2nd milestone

Bristol, my spunky child.photogrid_1477423534986

Even though she turned 2 back in July, my blogging of late has been far behind.  I’d like to take some time to write about my little wild girl and share what she’s been up to since she turned 2.



Daddy is best and my favorite person.

Socks are for your hands, especially if they have Dory or “Elsas” on them.

You know those big girl panties I picked out with “Elsas” on them? I really didn’t want to wear them but I really LOVE “Elsas” so I will carry all 7 pairs everywhere with me.

Pretend singing so much fun. Even though my mouth is moving and no words are coming out, I’m clearly the best singer around here.

All I need is the first 2 notes of “Shake It Off” or “Don’t Want To Know” and my dancing is everywhere!

I will only watch the movie Home…over…and over….and over…and WAIT… did you say Frozen?! ELSAS?!

If you vacuum, I vacuum. With my own vacuum. Right where you are. In front of where you are. On top of you. You know what? Just let me go first.

Food? Nope, only CHEEEESSE. Or maybe a ‘Nack.

I can count to 10…but only if you don’t ask me.

Shoes?!?! Yes please! Those pink glitter shoes… yessss, with my Dory socks.

I will only wear “Kiddy” Cat Pjs…all day.

Mom is “MAAA” (sounds like someone from New Jersey)  and sometimes Mom. But Dad is “Da-Dee” in my little Peppa Pig Voice.

Walking is fine, strutting better but tip toeing makes me seem a little taller. Like Go-Nas. (Jonas)

I love to read. Pulling down every single book I own is the only way to do it!

I’ll take a nap here or there. I think the car is the best place to nap, but only for 15 minutes. And right when we get to where we are going.

I can only leave the house if I have my bae (Blanket),purse, sunglasses and cell phone.

When Daddy comes home running and jumping, and screaming his name are the best ways to let him know he was missed.

I peed in the potty once. And on my own. But now that potty is a pretty scary place to sit. Maybe all that excited yelling you did Mom, was a little too much.

Hide and seek is my favorite game to play if we need to go bye bye.

Mom doesn’t like it when I try on every pair of her shoes but I don’t understand why I cant wear one heel and one flip flop.

Bed time will not happen with out Dory, Frah-fee, and Kiddy Cat. Who each need kisses, every night before they can sleep.



I could go on and on about my silly and wild girl but Bristol, you are definitely my sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane. ❤











Happiness Is…

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The Push for Perfect

New Christmas Traditions



Starting Christmas Season 2015

Every year I like to think of different things to do as a family to start some Christmas traditions while the kids are young. As any parent does, I want them have good memories of the holidays. Not only enjoying giving and receiving gifts but  also enjoying spending time with family and make memories.
This year Brandon and I decided that we would start a new tradition of going to the mountains here in NC. The Boone area is one of mine and Brandon’s favorite places to travel. We have gone to the area many times throughout the years. We went last year, about a week before Christmas time and really wanted to go again this year but a little earlier so we could start off our Christmas Season. We were also excited that my best friend Krystan was able join us on our trip and it just made it that much more special. We all had such a good time and I’m so glad we made the trip. I’m really looking forward to making this trip every year.
Here is a little about our trip!

First Stop, Breakfast

Whenever we go to the Boone area we always got to Dan’l Boone Inn for Breakfast. This is one of our favorite Breakfast places. If you have never been and are in the area, please go! It is well worth it. They are a home cooked style, buffet/restaurant.  The building has a lot of history and all the waiters/waitresses dress up for the era. They load your table with every kind of country style, fresh breakfast item you can think of and you have your own personal buffet. They have everything from cinnamon rolls, grits, country ham, pancakes and much more. The food is so good! They load your table and when you finish an item they will just bring more until you are fully stuffed! (Did I mention how good the food is?) Bristol loved every bit of the food, especially the grits!

Shopping and Santa


After breakfast, we went to the Boone Mall and Jonas and Bristol got to meet Santa. (Of course Krystan and I did a little bit of shopping!)

This is our second year of meeting Santa at this mall, in the Mountains. I really love this particular photographer because they have a more professional but natural, set up than ones we have used before. It isn’t your typical picture with Santa. It’s more cozy and the people are so friendly and good at getting little ones to “like” Santa. Bristol, however, wasn’t very workable, unlike last year.
Jonas loved meeting Santa again. He was eager to tell him how he wanted a Trampoline and a real Robot for Christmas. At first Bristol seemed like she was going to be alright with Santa and when he handed her some candy, I thought for sure she would like him. But the minute Brandon sat her down she took a big gulp ( as you can see in the pictures ) and started screaming. I knew we couldn’t get away with another good Santa picture so I am perfectly happy with a screaming Santa picture! You have to have a least one right? They went ahead and used the picture of Bristol screaming with Santa on their advertising screen because they thought it was pretty funny!

Another thing I liked was the fact that I believe it was only $30ish ( not sure ) to get a whole disk with all the pictures and copyright to print out however many. Which is very reasonable compared to other time when we have paid much more and only got a few copies.  

Candy Fill Up


Of course we had to stop at the Mast General store and fill up on all our favorite Old Fashioned Candy. Brandon always insists we stop by and load up on all kinds of candy that you can’t find in stores anymore. My personal favorites are the Old Fashion Taffy. They are SO good! Jonas loved getting the most sour candies he could find and looking through the old fashion toys.


Picking a Tree

My favorite stop on our trip was to the Christmas tree farm. A friend of ours recommended Twin Oaks Farm in Elk Park NC. The people there are incredibly nice and make you feel like family. They take you on a hay ride up to the top of the farm to pick out your tree. I was so excited to finally get a fresh tree from in the Mountains. The view is beautiful, pictures really don’t do it justice. The kids love wandering through the trees trying to pick their favorite.  One thing I’m sure Brandon liked about the farm is the fact that he no longer had to try to hold up 3 trees for me to compare like has every other year! 🙂
Along with the fun of the hayride and getting to pick out a tree they also have this adorable little cabin where they give out free cookies, hot chocolate and have a bonfire going outside for roasting marshmallows and to warm up. Thankfully we picked a great day and other than being a little overcast the weather wasn’t very cold at all. They also sell hand made ornaments and other Christmas items. I bought one little Snowman to commemorate our first trip to Twin Oaks Farm. We definitely will be making this a part of our new Christmas Tradition.