Play House Makeover

When I saw this playhouse on my local Facebook market place for dirt cheap I knew I had to pick it up and give it a makeover for my daughter.

I’d seen several cute makeovers on Pinterest that looked simple yet fun. Here are a few of the ideas that inspired me.

My husband began by sanding it down completely and painting it a bright white for siding and matte black for the roof using flat exterior paint.

Links to paint below

I’ve been considering painting my own Front door this “English” green color and decided it try out this color on the Playhouse Door. The picture used on the Bahr website shows it as very gray but it is close to a sea-foam-ish green color as you can see in the photos below. Also we painted the trim (previously red) and the mailbox lid black to match.

Here is the link to the color for the door. Here is brand and finish of exterior paint we used for the bright white and black.


I adore this little house so much! I LOVE how it turned out! ❤

Other Details

The wreath and sign I purchased at (surprisingly) Dollar General in their Spring decor section on sale for just $7. The wreath and sign came on a tabacco basket that was glued together. I decided to take it apart and use the wreath over the window and the sign we attached to the door. Considering Bristol is ready for all her Friends to come play in her house I think it is perfect.

The little buckets for the Flowers were from Dollar General as well. They were only $1 and my daughter loves having her own flowers to water… /over-water. LOL

We got some simple patio bricks/pavers at Home depot as well to level out the bottom. We didn’t fully level them and have yet to put them in the ground because we may move the house and will do it then.

Overall, this project took about 2 days and was fairly simple. I am (and my daughter is) beyond satisfied with how well it turned out. Next time you see one of these little houses come up on sale or at a yard sale, try this makeover!

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