Top 5 Obsessions


For my joint monthly blog with my lovely friend Krys over at we are doing a top 5 list of things we each are currently obsessed with or cannot live without. Here are my current obsessions and don’t forget to check her list out here.


1. Pop Socket

You may have seen these and wondered what they are. Basically it’s a small “socket” that sticks to the back of any phone, or case, which you can pull/pop out to give you a handle for your phone. They may seem strange or useless but I am constantly dropping my phone so this is a lifesaver (phonesaver 😉 ) for me. I feel like I have something to grip onto rather then trying to wrap my hand around my giant yet thin phone. It also works great for propping your phone up so you can watch something hands free and it can be used to wrap your head phones around so you don’t have them dangling or knotted. It flattens down so it isn’t always sticking out. Also the designs on it are really cute and there are many designs! I really love mine and have had many people ask about it. It’s totally worth the money.

They are about $9 online BUT if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks it is only $2 on WISH.

2. Ed Sheeran – Divide

Ed Sheeran Divide


I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran’s music, since it has been over a year since his last album I was looking forward to his new album and it did not disappoint! Ed Sheeran is a wonderful song writer and musician. This is one of those albums you can just leave playing all day to soundtrack your home all day long. Every song from this album is perfection! My favorites are, Castle On The Hill, Perfect, Supermarket Flowers and of course, Shape of You.

3. Jeff Wheeler Novels

I love listening to audio books. I have always been an avid reader but having kids and a busy schedule makes it difficult to sit and read. Whenever I cook or clean, I usually have an audio book playing in the background. I recently got a monthly subscription Amazon Kindle Unlimited and love all the audio books they have and how easily the app was to use and find audio books. I happened upon these books by accident and although I don’t typically read fantasy novels, I thought I would give The King Fountain Series a try. I was pleasantly surprised by what an easy yet enjoyable read it was.  The way these books are written makes it is easy to immerse yourself into to the fantasy world without all the extra detail found in most novels of this genre. The characters are genuine and the story is is exciting in a youthful way. Another aspect I loved is how the characters grow older with each book. The first book starts when main character is a child and then next is  a teenager then adult and so on. I would highly recommend these books for adults, young adults or even families to read together. Click here to check out for details on first book I read.


4. White Farm House Decor

This is a unusual obsession for me. When it comes to home decor, I have always liked a good deal of color. I have color throughout my house, but over the past year my style has changed to neutrals and whites. Which annoys my husband Brandon, since I want to repaint everything. I especially love a woody, natural farm house look. Not the rooster kind of farmhouse but a more modern, white farm house. I’m slowly changing over little things in my current house to this style and hopefully by our next house, plan to be changed completely. (But then again, by then I may change style again) Until then I am “pinning” away my current decor obsession. Here are a few of my favorite looks to give you an idea.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. Rae Dunn

I was finally able to find my 1st Rae Dunn pieces!

This kind of goes with the last obsession, Rae Dunn is a line of kitchen/house ware decor such as mugs, canisters, plates and etc. They are so simple yet adorable. The only problem is a LOT of people are into them as well, You can only get them at stores like Tj Maxx and Home Goods, so there isn’t an excess of them or any real inventory. Each store just gets what they get and hopefully you are lucky enough to find a piece before someone else. Another thing I like is that they are reasonably priced. Mugs go for about $4 and plates for about $7.  Unfortunately, since they are fairly reasonable and people how popular they are becoming they will buy everything at the stores and then sell them on Ebay. For example, right before I became obsessed with them, I found the “Coffee” canister at Tj Maxx for I think around $15. I liked it but didn’t feel like I needed it so I didn’t buy the canister. BIG mistake! A month or so later I decided I wanted to start getting some items,  I tried to find the canister with no luck. I finally just was looking for any piece, but every store I looked out was out. I googled “Rae Dunn, Coffee Canister” and found it on Ebay for $200!! Which is ridiculous! Anyway, I still haven’t had much luck finding any but I did luck out and find the cute bowls for our dog, Hobbit which I adore. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces I’d love to find.

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Thanks for reading about My Top 5 Current Obsessions. Please know that I’m a “barely blogger” so rest assured, none of these are sponsored. (Even if they were I’d only do honest reviews) These are things I really do love or enjoy!  Let me know in the comments if any of these are your current obsessions or what some of yours are! ❤



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