Charcoal Diy Review

DIY Charcoal Face Peel and Teeth Scrub

For my joint monthly blog my friend Krystan and I are doing a product review. Rather than purchase we decided to so something “diy”from our pinterest boards. Lately I have seen a lot of Charcoal peels trending so we thought we would give it a try to make our own. Since I had quite a bit of charcoal and not many reasons to use it, we decided to give the Charcoal Teeth Whitening scrub a try as well. I was surprised how easy each of these were to make, since,I don’t know why, but I thought it would be a lot of work, and the self pampering was fun too! Here is my review of each and click HERE to see Krystan’s review of each as well.

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Scrub

I used THIS recipe for the scrub. I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts about how easy this was and how it can whiten your teeth as well as whitening strips in only a few brushes.

After mixing everything together it is pretty messy but thankfully was easy to clean and didn’t stain anything. As you can see below it makes your teeth pretty nasty to look at but I was surprised that the taste wasn’t too awful. You can only taste the baking soda and a bit of coconut oil.

After I brushed I could immediately tell a difference in the smoothness of my teeth. I compared my before and after pictures and other than my teeth being cleaner, I didn’t notice and a real difference as far as whitening goes. I have brushed with the mixture 3 more times and although I don’t see much of a difference my mother, said they looked whiter. Check out the pictures to see what you think.

Rating: I give this a 7 out of 10 because I did feel like it made my teeth look a lot cleaner and maybe a bit whiter after only a few brushes but I didn’t think it was anything close to whitening strips. **** I have super sensitive teeth so I was a bit hesitate that it may burn or leave my teeth extra sensitive but after using it several times my teeth aren’t any extra sensitive at all
Recommendations: Make a batch and use every couple of days.. I worry that the baking soda may make my teeth more sensitive but that’s just me. Also get a second toothbrush. The black of the charcoal mixed with the oil makes it difficult to wash out of my brush.

Charcoal Face Peel

After looking through I lot of different ideas of how to make the perfect peel we decided on the gelatine based peel since the idea of putting Elmer’s Glue on my face just seems like a lot of useless junk on my face and the gelatine just seemed more natural. HERE is the pin I used, although I tweaked it a little and added a couple drops of Lavender oil.

This was a bit more effort than the teeth scrub but still was easy. The main difference is the you have to warm this up to get the gelatine to liquefy. You do need to give it time to cool down but not too long so it doesn’t harden.

I used a small make up brush to smooth it onto my skin. I added a pretty thick layer so it would be easier to peel off. (HA HA That was a joke) After letting it sit the 45 mins  as recommended, ( and selfie time) my face was super stiff.

Processed with VSCOI began to realize what a horrible idea this was once I opened my mouth or moved my eye brows or dared to laugh, because it was like my skin was tearing. I figured no pain no gain so I began to pull it off and let me say it was HORRENDOUS. O.M.G. this stuff is like WAX times 10. My skin is very sensitive and as I began ripping this stuff off I noticed my skin underneath was pretty pink. I was determined to get this stuff off especially around my nose since this is my blackheads problem spot, but unfortunately I just couldn’t do it. After getting about 1/2 off I took a warm wash cloth and scrubbed the rest off my skin.  Here are a few photos showing how red and ripped up my skin was.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rating: I’d give this a 1 of out 10. I would give it a 0 out of 10, except for the fact that my skin ( was left of it) felt super smooth and I did notice a slight difference with my blackheads on my nose. But other than that I did not care for it… at all.
Recommendations: If you do want to try this only put it on your problem areas, so for me I should have just done it on and around my nose. Another recommendation is if you have sensitive skins is …. just don’t even bother.


Thanks for reading this far. Don’t forget to check out Krystan’s review HERE . Let us know what you think and if you are going to try either of these out, please comment below!


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