Potty Training 2.0

Potty Training. Oh the joys. With Jonas, my oldest, he had zero understanding, or interest in using the toilet for the longest time. After trying several tries and him not comprehending what to do, I gave up. It was on his 3rd birthday that I just told him we were done with diapers and to now pee in the toilet. (At this point he was well old enough to understand) and after a few mistakes he was good to go.

“I’ve done this once before, I should know how to do this, right?”

I’ve always heard girls are easier to potty train than boys and was excited to potty train Bristol earlier than Jonas. But as with every comparison of my two children, she is completely different story. The child is clever. Too clever. At about 14 months she was taking off her diaper and would tell you she was poopy.  I thought I had lucked out and she was ready. Nope. That toilet (and the other 2 kinds) were completely terrifying and she NEEEEEDDDEEDD diapers. Honestly, the granola mom side of me loved our Cloth Diapers (note the ‘our’ 😉 ) and decided to wait. Still she would let me know and had all the signs of being ready, even going as far as telling me what a “good job” I was doing peeing in the toilet, when I would bring her with me to see how big girls pee in the potty. She would tell me how pee pee goes in the toilet yet every few weeks I would give potty training a try, and every time she would scream and BEG for her diaper. Finally I decided that she KNOWS how to potty in the toilet but she has no desire to do so. Unfortunately she may have inherited some of mine (or more likely 😉 Brandon’s) stubborn genes. Someday she would be potty trained, but not until she decided she wanted to.

Meanwhile, I had the voices of other moms, “You mean she isn’t potty trained? My girl was _ months when she was potty trained.” and “You really should try now or she’ll be 16 and still in Cloth Diapers.” (I DO love my Cloth Diapers 🙂 ) There was one piece of advice that kept coming back to me, something my mother kept saying “When she is ready, she will be ready. Just give her time.”

The Book

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I really should  call this post, how my 2 year old potty trained herself.

At almost 2 1/2, Bristol LOVES books. They have always been her favorite thing. (Other than Daddy) So one day my mother and I were looking through the books at BJs when we came across this book, “Girls’ Potty Time”. The front has a nice little toilet lid and inside are pictures of panties and little girls using the potty. It even came with little stickers in the back (Spoiler Alert: THIS BOOK IS A MIRACLE!) Bristol immediately wanted to read the book and as I let her skim through the pages you could see the wheels turning as she looked. “Potty in toilet?”…” Big Girl Panties”…”Big Girl pee pee in toilet” she kept saying. I motioned to my mother who also could see, Bristol was really into this book. Thinking no harm could be done, it was worth a shot and maybe if I read it to her about 1,000 times she’d finally get it, I got the book. I wish I has taken a picture, the entire way home she intensely studied this book. I got a kick out of it and thought it was adorable. We got home and as I began to unload groceries I noticed that my usual little helper was no where to be found. After searching, I discovered her in the bathroom with her skirt and diaper off and she was trying to get on the toilet. I set her on the toilet (with one of the “terrifying” potty seats on it) and she actually peed. We put big girl panties on and every time she needed to pee, she would tell me and she would actually pee. That was Thursday and by Sunday she had only made 2 mistakes and both of those were at night in a cloth pull up. I really couldn’t believe it. My mother kept joking with me that Bristol is the only child she had ever seen, that decided to potty train herself by reading about it in a book.

I know this whole post sounds melodramatic but if you are looking to potty train and your little one loves books, buy. this. book! 😀 .

Other tips I learned this time around.

Although she is completely potty trained now I may have made a slight mistake by using candy as an incentive. She is clever enough to hold her pee and make one pee last about 3 times to the toilet for triple the candy reward. Clever, Bristol…very clever.

If I only had one tip to give about potty training it would be to just wait. When they are ready, they will be ready. Otherwise you will be potty trained, by constantly bringing them to the potty, and not your little one.

Also carrying a small potty training toilet lid with you, so you can go to the store and she will still pee in the toilet, will surely get you some strange looks. I mean I have disinfectant wipes with me, come on do you all think I’m that gross?! 😉

(Yup, I do still miss those Cloth Diapers. 😉 )