What’s in a Name?


Deciding a Name

I read a blog a few weeks ago where the writer was writing to their baby about how their name was picked and I thought I would do something similar for my kiddos!
When I found out I was pregnant one of the things I was most excited about what picking a name. I wanted to make sure whatever I picked was unique yet still a “normal” name.  I wanted to pick a name that wouldn’t sound too young and would grow with my baby but also a name that wouldn’t sound too old. (I still can’t picture a baby Eugene 😛 ) Brandon and I are both stubborn and picky as well so picking both Jonas and Bristol’s names was very interesting.

   Jonas Matthew

When I first heard your name I knew it was perfect. I couldn’t imagine any other name, but getting there was a process. I had once heard that pregnant woman can have a sixth sense about things. ( Kind of like a special power ) I knew as I knew I was having a baby that I was having a boy. I couldn’t even picture a girl. Daddy thought you were a girl but I knew. As soon as we saw your picture and knew for sure that you were a boy, the name process began. I came to Daddy with a whole list of names and with every name he would say “No”. But one day Daddy drove by a place called Ethan’s Glen in Wake Forest  and he was sure it was a sign (really it was an actual sign!) and read the sign and it said that you were supposed to be Ethan Glen. I wasn’t really into that name, although I did like Ethan, so Ethan it was but something just didn’t seem right. Still every name I came up with Daddy kept saying “No.” Then Daddy called me on his lunch at work. I was sitting in Gamma’s house across from a  book shelf full of books. I kept reading names out to him and with every name guess what he would say?!  “NO.” Then I noticed a book that I had read a long time ago that I really liked called the picked it up and told Daddy,” Wait the main character from this book had a really nice name.” I opened the book and started looking and saw and  that his name was, Jonas. I asked Daddy and he said, ” You know what? I really like that name!” so I quickly said “Then that is the name!” It was the ONLY name we actually agreed on! I thought it was perfect but we still had to pick a middle name. We thought about Jonas Ethan but when you say Jonas Ethan Ashley together it just didn’t sound right. We decided to forget Ethan and try something else. I liked Corbin and Colton but Daddy of course said “No”. A few weeks later, we were at church and the preacher opened up to the Bible to a scripture in the book of Matthew. I looked over at Daddy and whispered ” Hey, what about Matthew?!” He lit up and smiled because we knew someone named Matthew. In fact it fit just right because this man had always been there for Daddy and was like a father to him. His name was Matthew Wilmoth. And just like that you were Jonas Matthew Ashley. It sounded so nice together and we both knew it was the perfect name for our perfect little boy.

Bristol Marie

The “knowing” feeling that I had when picking Jonas’ name and knowing  Jonas was a boy was completely gone when I was pregnant with you, Bristol. In fact, I was completely indecisive my whole pregnancy. I could decide ANYTHING! However, in the beginning when I thought you were a boy, I picked out the perfect name. You were going to be Liam Sawyer. Then I was completely wrong and you turned out to be a girl and I had NO clue what to name you. I didn’t like any name and of course Daddy didn’t like any name either! We did know what your middle name was going to be though. My family has a tradition where the oldest daughter’s middle name is Marie. Your Great-Great Grandmother’s first name was Marie and she then started this tradition by naming your Great Grandmother, who was the oldest daughter, Adeline with her middle name being Marie along with your Gamma, Cyndee Marie, and your Aunt Karmin Marie. Then both your Aunt Katrina and Aunt Kimberly named their oldest daughter’s Kaitlyn Marie and Ashley Marie. Good thing is both Daddy and I liked Marie and it sounded good with just about ANY first name.
Your first name was very hard to decide. After reading baby book after baby book and looking everywhere for a name Daddy and I picked 3 names we liked. Raegan, Kinsley and Bristol. We tried and tried to pick but we just couldn’t decide. We decided we would just wait until we saw you. Finally you decided to come and we still hadn’t decided. Even the nurses at the hospital were voting on which name they liked. Once I saw you and I was holding you, I started thinking you looked like a Bristol. but I didn’t want Daddy to know so he could pick without me. Also we wanted your brother Jonas to help as well.  After a little less than an hour, and all the nurses and family begging for a name, I looked at Daddy and said ” Ok, what does she look like you?’ and he said. ” I was thinking she looks like a Bristol.” I was so excited and said that that was just what I was thinking! But that didn’t mean we had decided just yet. We wanted to see what Jonas thought. When Jonas arrived he was so excited to see you! I asked him which of the names he liked the best and guess what he said? Bristol! I turned to Daddy and said ” Ok it’s official then, She is Bristol Marie Ashley”. Another perfect name for a perfect little girl.

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