New Christmas Traditions



Starting Christmas Season 2015

Every year I like to think of different things to do as a family to start some Christmas traditions while the kids are young. As any parent does, I want them have good memories of the holidays. Not only enjoying giving and receiving gifts but  also enjoying spending time with family and make memories.
This year Brandon and I decided that we would start a new tradition of going to the mountains here in NC. The Boone area is one of mine and Brandon’s favorite places to travel. We have gone to the area many times throughout the years. We went last year, about a week before Christmas time and really wanted to go again this year but a little earlier so we could start off our Christmas Season. We were also excited that my best friend Krystan was able join us on our trip and it just made it that much more special. We all had such a good time and I’m so glad we made the trip. I’m really looking forward to making this trip every year.
Here is a little about our trip!

First Stop, Breakfast

Whenever we go to the Boone area we always got to Dan’l Boone Inn for Breakfast. This is one of our favorite Breakfast places. If you have never been and are in the area, please go! It is well worth it. They are a home cooked style, buffet/restaurant.  The building has a lot of history and all the waiters/waitresses dress up for the era. They load your table with every kind of country style, fresh breakfast item you can think of and you have your own personal buffet. They have everything from cinnamon rolls, grits, country ham, pancakes and much more. The food is so good! They load your table and when you finish an item they will just bring more until you are fully stuffed! (Did I mention how good the food is?) Bristol loved every bit of the food, especially the grits!

Shopping and Santa


After breakfast, we went to the Boone Mall and Jonas and Bristol got to meet Santa. (Of course Krystan and I did a little bit of shopping!)

This is our second year of meeting Santa at this mall, in the Mountains. I really love this particular photographer because they have a more professional but natural, set up than ones we have used before. It isn’t your typical picture with Santa. It’s more cozy and the people are so friendly and good at getting little ones to “like” Santa. Bristol, however, wasn’t very workable, unlike last year.
Jonas loved meeting Santa again. He was eager to tell him how he wanted a Trampoline and a real Robot for Christmas. At first Bristol seemed like she was going to be alright with Santa and when he handed her some candy, I thought for sure she would like him. But the minute Brandon sat her down she took a big gulp ( as you can see in the pictures ) and started screaming. I knew we couldn’t get away with another good Santa picture so I am perfectly happy with a screaming Santa picture! You have to have a least one right? They went ahead and used the picture of Bristol screaming with Santa on their advertising screen because they thought it was pretty funny!

Another thing I liked was the fact that I believe it was only $30ish ( not sure ) to get a whole disk with all the pictures and copyright to print out however many. Which is very reasonable compared to other time when we have paid much more and only got a few copies.  

Candy Fill Up


Of course we had to stop at the Mast General store and fill up on all our favorite Old Fashioned Candy. Brandon always insists we stop by and load up on all kinds of candy that you can’t find in stores anymore. My personal favorites are the Old Fashion Taffy. They are SO good! Jonas loved getting the most sour candies he could find and looking through the old fashion toys.


Picking a Tree

My favorite stop on our trip was to the Christmas tree farm. A friend of ours recommended Twin Oaks Farm in Elk Park NC. The people there are incredibly nice and make you feel like family. They take you on a hay ride up to the top of the farm to pick out your tree. I was so excited to finally get a fresh tree from in the Mountains. The view is beautiful, pictures really don’t do it justice. The kids love wandering through the trees trying to pick their favorite.  One thing I’m sure Brandon liked about the farm is the fact that he no longer had to try to hold up 3 trees for me to compare like has every other year! 🙂
Along with the fun of the hayride and getting to pick out a tree they also have this adorable little cabin where they give out free cookies, hot chocolate and have a bonfire going outside for roasting marshmallows and to warm up. Thankfully we picked a great day and other than being a little overcast the weather wasn’t very cold at all. They also sell hand made ornaments and other Christmas items. I bought one little Snowman to commemorate our first trip to Twin Oaks Farm. We definitely will be making this a part of our new Christmas Tradition.


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